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Our customized subscription packages are designed to provide you with valuable insights, while meeting your specific requirements. Fill out the form to receive a personalized solution that best fits your business.
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Do you offer a free subscription?

Yes! You can sign up for DeepMaven’s freemium version here. Please note that our freemium edition is just a small display of the full platform and does not include all features.

What is the additional charge for the ongoing Customer Success service?

Once you become a customer, you will be assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager. This service is included in the subscription price and does not require an additional fee.

Do you have student or research licensing?

Educational users are encouraged to register for our free edition and take advantage of the no-cost insights we offer. Learn more about DeepMaven's Data for Good.

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DeepMaven's API for Data Flexibility

Extract DeepMaven's aggregated data for use in any 3rd party application. Enrich, filter, or combine with proprietary data to support your business needs like custom dashboards, internal reporting, and competitive analysis.

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